Time Is Running Out On Storm Sandy Damage Claims!

Storm Sandy Damage? Is anyone over it yet? Denied, delayed or under paid homeowners and business owners are still struggling with their trusted insurance companies. With 2 months to go, time is of the essence in being able to recover your entitlement for your assets. Many homeowners are realizing that bills are adding up and pockets are near empty making up the difference to what the insurance company neglected to acknowledge. Do not hesitate to contact us for your free consultation to help you personally evaluate what options are available to you. We are more than happy to investigate your paperwork and property and bring you back to pre-loss condition.

Most importantly, with the window closing in on how much time you have to submit new information to your insurance company, allow us to commit to your needs. Remember, your return is 574% more than what the insurance will not only have given you, but most likely already have.

When Should I Consider Hiring A Public Adjuster?

When a commercial business or a homeowner suffers a loss of magnitude of over $55,000, whether it be from theft, a fire, water damage, earthquake, aircraft, marine, transportation, collapse or other like incidents, it might be time to consider professional assistance, especially if past experience with an insurance company has been a challenge. A public adjuster can help in a variety of ways to recoup the loss of a homeowner and relieve you of the additional time and stress of the insurance claim process. It’s also helpful to hire a public adjuster If the insurance company has already sent one of their own adjusters out to assess the damage and you don’t agree with the quote or you’d like a balanced third party opinion.